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The main objective in dodgeball is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by throwing the ball at them. Players must dodge the ball to remain in the game and the team who manages to eliminate all of their opponent’s first are deemed the winners.



Dodgeball (Mixed) $18.00 per person


Age Code


00  Open

N.B. Dodgeball is a 'Mixed' sporting event ONLY

Venue, Date & Time

The competition will be run on Thursday 24th March 2022 commencing at 0930 hours and concluding approximately 1500 hours. The event will take place at VicBeach Geelong, 1A Crown St, South Geelong


Games will be played on a purpose-built Dodgeball court. There is also a café and bar available to purchase food and drink. There will also be some “specials” available for participants. Plenty of free onsite parking available.

Special Instructions

There will be prizes for the “best dressed” team on the day!! Referees will also be provided for each game along with an electronic scoring system. Whilst teams are not playing, they can watch games from the Function room.

Further information regarding the event will be emailed to team managers prior to the event.

Teams & Individual Events

There will only be a maximum of 12 teams allowed to compete. Once the 12-team limit has been reached, registrations will be closed. A maximum of 9 players can register for a team. A minimum of 6 players are required to form a team. A minimum of 2 players from the opposite sex must be in the starting 6 (ie. 2 x females & 4 males or 2 x males & 4 x females).

Entry Form Information

Could all competitors please provide THEIR e-mail address, or agency address on entry to facilitate the sending of the relevant rules? Preference for sending rules will be by e-mail.
A COVID Safe Plan IF REQUIRED will be implemented for this event.

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