Life Members Honour Board

An Honour Board is situated in the foyer of the Operational Skills & Sports Complex at the Police Academy and honours the Life Members of the Victoria Police Games Federation Inc. These honours have been presented as follows:

1986 Mr Bryan HARDING (VIPO)

1987 Mr S.I. (Mick) MILLER (VIPO)

1988 Mr R.J. (Bob) DEGG (VIPO)

1989 Mr Allan POCOCK (VIPO)

1990 Mr Danny BODYCOAT (VIPO)

1991 Mr Philip PARSON (VIPO)

1992 Mr Kelvin GLARE (VIPO)

1993 Mr William (Bill) TOWNSEND (VIPO)

1994 Mr Robert (Bob) BAYLEY (VIPO)

1995 Not Awarded

1996 Mr Warren GILBERT (VIPO)

1997 Mr John KERFOOT (VISO)

1998 Mr Graeme SPENCER (VIPO)

1999 Not Awarded

2000 Mr Ronald ANSTEE (VIPO Ret)


2002 Mr Gerry RYAN (VIPO)

2003 Not Awarded

2004 Not Awarded

2005 Mr Bob POWLES (VIPO)

2006 Mr Peter KELLEY (VIPO Ret)

2007 Mr Gavan BENNETT (VIPO)

2008 Not Awarded 2009


2010 Mr Jonathan PAYNE (VIPO)

2011 Not Awarded

2012 Mr Rob JAMES (VIPO)

2013 Mr Tim HOSE (VIPO Ret)

2014 Mr Brian NEAL (CFA)

2015 Mr David WILKINS (VIPO)

2016 Ms Kelly BOWEN (VIPO)

2017 Ms Dianne ROBERTSON (VIAM), Mr Michael SPARKE (VIPO) and Ms Sue BUSSELL (VIWS).

2018 Mr Victor HAWKING (VIPO), Mr Wayne MORGAN (VIPO)

2019 Mr Dick DOWLING (AUBF)

2022 Mr Chris LEWIS (VIPO)

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