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We believe we're the best private health insurer for police officers and their families.

Police Health run by police for police- we're here to provide you and your family with private health insurance that's quite simply cover like no other.

If you would like to know why more than 69,000 members of the Australian policing community already insure with Police Health, or you just want to see the difference in your current cover, give our friendly team a call 1800 603 603 - they will be happy to help.

Phone: 1800 603 603

When it comes to protecting lives, you'd only ever give your best. Can you say the same for your health insurer? Our members can- and do.

We’re Emergency Services Health – Australia’s only not-for-profit private health insurer dedicated for past and present Emergency Services workers, volunteers and extended family.

Phone: 1300 703 703