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Stuart Taylor Memorial Award

This award is presented each year for the “Best Performance of the Games”. This trophy is awarded for excellence not only in the field of competition but also for enthusiasm and willingness to be involved in all aspects of the Victoria Police and Emergency Services Games. The Taylor family has recently handed over the responsibility of selecting the winner to the Executive of the Victoria Police Games Federation, who will take all matters into consideration when making their decision. The winner will be presented with the award at the annual launch of the Games.

Previous winners of the Stuart Taylor Memorial Award are as follows:

1987 James Bate

1988 Michael Varker

1989 Michael Wiggins

1990 Melissa Goss

1991 Trevor Purcell

1992 Fiona Webster

1993 Gordon Gourlay

1994 Russell Fletcher

1995 Not Awarded

1996 Ron Anstee

1997 Dean Bertram

1998 Phillipa Edgell

1999 Russell Fletcher

2000 Not Awarded

2001 Kaye Price

2002 Jason Mcconkey

2003 Doug Oliver

2004 David Wilkins

2005 Sue Bussell

2006 Kelly Bowen

2007 Colin Silcock-Delaney

2008 Jackie Ashman

2009 David Wilkins

2010 Brendan Ryan

2011 Kelly Bowen

2012 Claire Oliveri

2013 Yvonne Berry

2014 Not Awarded

2015 Shane Roberts

2016 Stuart Macintyre

2017 Janet Rowe

2018 Chris Lewis

2019 Jack Bennett

2020 Not Awarded

2021 Anita Lutz

2022 Harminder Singh