General Information

Registration and entry to the 2022 Victoria Police and Emergency Services Games is on-line ONLY. To register, please go to www. All registrations and payments for events are done through the online portal. All participants will be required to create their own new account or use their previous account. Registrations for all events will open in December 2021 and close 17th March 2022. The Games will run from 18th to 27th March 2022.

There is a standard registration fee of $10 per participant and is required upon registration. Payment of this fee covers:

• Registration processing

• Website development

• Postage and volunteer costs

Sports fees are also required and are applicable to each sport and competitors may enter as many sports as they wish, paying the appropriate sport fee for each sport. Payment of this fee covers:

• Medals

• Venue costs

• Equipment and catering costs

• Umpires, officials and prizes

Payments are only accepted online via the registration portal. The portal uses the PayPal gateway so participants can either use their PayPal account to pay their fees or payment can be made via credit card. No payments of cash will be accepted at any events. Event

Entries on the day: Entry into events on the day of competition, at the event venue, will generally not be permitted. Competitors must have registered and paid online prior to the commencement of the event as specified above. Some exceptions do apply – please contact the relevant Sports Coordinator.

Enquiries regarding your individual sporting event are to be directed to the respective Sports Co-ordinator in the first instance. For any registration queries or general information about the Games, contact the Victoria Police Games Federation Office on 0418 998 233 or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

COVID Regulations: Due to the ongoing threat of Coronavirus in the community, all events will have a strict COVID Safe Plan in place. All participants, as well as officials, coordinators, volunteers and support staff must follow these plans as well as any other COVID directions at their venue. Participants must wear a mask when required and must sanitise their hands regularly, maintain social distance when required, and should not attend any event if they feel unwell. Participants must ensure they have checked the listed exposure sites before they attend their event/s and must follow all guidance provided by the Department of Health. For the latest information on COVID, please visit

In the Conditions of Entry, you must have had an approved COVID vaccination to participate (medical exemptions apply). Please note that you may not be eligible to enter your venue if you cannot provide proof of your vaccination status. The VPGF is committed to providing a safe environment for all its participants, coordinators and volunteers and supports the governments advice on COVID vaccinations.

Refund Policy: After the official close of registration date, a competitor who withdraws from any competition will not be eligible for a refund unless they have endeavoured to notify the relevant Sports Co-ordinator or the Games Office at least two days prior to their event. Notifications of withdrawal must be made by individuals only either by email or phone call to the Sports Coordinator or the Games Office. Any notification received outside of this period will be at the discretion of the Games Office as to whether a refund will be applied. A refund of sports fees only shall be made available when the entrant withdraws due to illness or injury; family tragedy; unexpected ‘on duty’ requirement or emergency situations; or any other circumstances to be considered by the Games Federation.

Participants are only eligible for a full refund (registration & sport fees) if:

- their event is cancelled or moved to another day and they can’t compete.

- If a competitor has entered an event after the maximum number of competitors has been reached, but before the advertised close of entries (if this event is the only event they have entered).

- If they need to withdraw due to a COVID case.

Should a registered participant fail to compete and not notify their Sports Coordinator, or the Games Office of their absence as described above, they are not entitled to a refund of any kind.

Any refunds will be processed through the Fusesport online system and Paypal gateway with refunds returning to the original credit card that was used when registering.

Event Cancellation: Any sport or event may be cancelled by mutual agreement between the respective Sport Co-ordinator and the Games Federation. It is the responsibility of the Sports Coordinator to contact all competitors when an event is cancelled. Agency Representatives are also available to assist in this instance. In these circumstances a full refund of the registration and sports fee will be made available to the individuals concerned.

Maximum/Minimum Number of Participants: Some sports may set a maximum number of participants due to competition and /or venue restrictions. If a competitor has entered an event after the maximum has been reached and was received late and after the advertised close of entries, the entrant shall only be eligible to receive a refund of the sport fee. Every sport has a minimum number required for the competition to proceed. If a minimum number is not reached, then the sport will be cancelled. In this case, the event cancellation policy will apply

Public Liability Protection: All sporting events in the Games are covered for Public Liability Insurance under the banner of Victoria Police.

Personal Injury Cover:

Victoria Police: The Victoria Police Games Federation strongly encourages all participants to have their own private health insurance including Ambulance cover. Victoria Police employees only competing in the Victoria Police and Emergency Services Games are afforded personal accident protection under the banner of Victoria Police if they participate whilst ‘Off Duty’, and if they are registered as competitors (i.e. if they have completed the necessary online Entry and Administration/ Registration and paid the respective fees). Victoria Police members are encouraged to contact their WorkCover representative for further information.

Other Participating Agencies: Participants from all other affiliated agencies outside of Victoria Police are not covered under the above policy. Participants need to check with their own agency regarding any personal insurance cover whilst participating in the Games.

Injuries that occur as a result of participating in the 2022 Games must be reported to the Sports Coordinator as soon as possible and recorded using a specific ‘Injury/Incidence Report’ form.

All competitors should be in a healthy physical condition and ready for competition to maximise enjoyment and to minimise personal injury. If unsure, or competing in strenuous competition, please consult your physician before commencing competition.

Appeals and Protests by competitors shall be made in the first instance to the Sports Coordinator of their event. The Sports Coordinator has total control over the running of their event on the day. Should a mutual resolution not be made, the competitor can lodge a further appeal in writing to the Victoria Police Games Federation Executive Officer within 24 hours of their event. The VPGF will then investigate and notify the competitor and Sports Co-ordinator of the result. If the presentation of medals is affected by the possible results of a protest/dispute, the awards shall be withheld pending the Protest/Dispute decision.

On-Duty Status: All participants should check with their agency representative about their on-duty status when participating in these Games. All agencies will have different policies and it is at the discretion of each agency as to whether this applies.

Changes to Events Policy: The Victoria Police Games Federation reserves the right to alter or make changes to the times, dates, locations, and event programming wherever and whenever necessary. Notification of any changes will be supplied to an effected competitor and placed on the website.

Alcohol and Drugs: The use of banned performance enhancing substances and methods by competitors (as listed by the Australian Sports Drugs Agency) is prohibited for the Victoria Police and Emergency Services Games. Furthermore, Sports Co-ordinators may prohibit any person from competing in any event or competition if in their opinion that person is displaying the effects of alcohol.

Blood and Infectious Disease Policy: All cuts and abrasions must be reported to the Sport Co-ordinator immediately and first aid treatment applied. A competitor who is bleeding or has blood on their clothing must immediately leave the playing area and seek medical assistance. The bleeding must be stopped, the wound dressed and blood on the player’s body or clothing cleaned off before they return to the game. Play must cease until all visible blood is cleaned up. Sport Co-ordinators have discretion as to whether any contaminated clothing or equipment will need to be replaced prior to the competitor being allowed to continue in the competition. A competitor may only return to competition once the Sports Coordinator is confident all the steps listed above have been taken. Any person with an infectious disease must advise the Sport Co-ordinator prior to the start of any competition. The Sport Co-ordinator shall advise the competitor whether they are able to take their place in the competition.

Officials, Co-ordinators & Volunteers will be identified by distinctive clothing/badges, and they should always be treated with the utmost courtesy. Participants are asked to follow directions when asked at all times.

Spectators will not be permitted onto the Field of play at any venue unless approved by the Sports Coordinator. Spectators are encouraged to support all competitors on event days. Assistance is requested from all parents to supervise their children in the vicinity of all sporting areas.

Photographer: An official Games photographer will attend various sporting events. Photographs & videos will be available for viewing on the Games website in the Image Gallery. There may also be other photographers at events which have been organised by the Sports Coordinator and approved by the Games Office. By consenting to participate in the 2022 VPES Games, you are granting permission to use your any image involving yourself for promotional material.

Security: All Sports Co-ordinators are responsible for securing their venues and equipment against damage. Competitors are responsible for their own property. Each sport also has its own ‘Security Strategy’ devised by the Sports Coordinator and submitted to the Games Office prior to their event/s commencing. The VPGF also asks every participant to be aware about the need for increased vigilance when conduct sporting events in today’s environment. Competitors are asked to have their agency identification with them at the events they are competing at. Should the relevant identification not be shown when asked by the Sports Coordinator, then the individual may be asked to leave the premises and not take part in the Games.

Risk Management: The Games Federation has a commitment to use risk management practices to support and enhance all the sporting events in the Games. A ‘Facility Safety & Game Day Readiness Checklist’ is completed by each Sports Co-ordinator to ensure that sports event venues are ‘fit for purpose’, and action plans are designed to reduce the likelihood and consequence of injury. Further to this Sports Co-ordinators now include a ‘Security Strategy’ as part of their action plans as mentioned above.

Results of all events and sports will be posted on the Games website under the “Results” section as soon as they have been received by the Games Office from the Sports Coordinators. Coordinators are asked to finalise their results and send them through as soon as possible.

Medal Presentations will be made at the conclusion of the final of each event or at the discretion of the Sports Coordinator. Placegetters who do not attend medal presentation ceremonies MUST arrange delivery of their medals through the Sport Co-ordinator. The presentation for the Chief Commissioner’s Trophy and the Inter-Services Trophy will be made at the discretion of the VPGF Executive. The winners will be acknowledged at the launch of the Games for the following year.

Victoria Police Games Federation Chief Commissioner’s Trophy & the Inter-Services Trophy

As there can be a large difference in the number of personnel attached to each Agency and Police Department, the weighting factor ensures that all Agencies/Departments compete on an equal basis. This weighting factor better reflects the participation rates of staff within the Agencies/Departments, making the process fairer overall. This process incorporates a participation percentage, bonus points for competitors who enter more than one event, and medal points for placings. The trophies will be awarded to the Agency/Department gaining the highest number of points (combination of total participation and medal points). Every member of a competing agency taking part in the Games will earn participation points for his or her agency/department and medal points for placings. Victoria Police entrants to the Games MUST nominate the region, department or command to which their points are to be awarded upon registration. Retired Police Veterans are not eligible to compete for The Chief Commissioner’s Trophy whilst Retired emergency services personnel and volunteers are eligible to compete for the Inter-Services trophy if they meet the respective criteria. Scratching’s will automatically penalize the Agency the equivalent participation points. Withdrawals due to illness or injury will not attract a penalty.

Calculating Bonus Points and Total Participation Percentage. The bonus points for each agency are based on the average number of entries per competitor per agency. For example: Agency/Department A has 100 staff members, 50 competitors and 75 entries. The percentage of employees competing is 50%, and the average number of entries per competitor 1.50. The average number of entries per competitor is applied as a weighting to the participation percentage to give a total participation percentage of 75%. The total participation percentage is then ranked from highest to lowest, and agencies assigned a rank score.

Bonus Points. Medal points will be awarded to place getters as follows: 1st (5 points), 2nd (3 points) and 3rd (1 point). Each agency’s total number of medal points is added up and ranked from highest to lowest and agencies assigned a rank score. More information on the allocation of points can be found in clause 11 of the Conditions of Entry.

Overall ranking. The rank scores from the total participation percentage and the medal points are then added together, and the Agency/Department with the highest score wins.

Affiliated Agencies Identification

The following abbreviations are used to signify the eligible agencies competing in these Games:

Ambulance Victoria (VIAM)

Australian Criminal Intelligence Comm (ACIC)

Australian Border Force (AUBF)

Australian Federal Police (AUPO)

Dept. of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR)

Australian Volunteer Coast Guard (AVCG)

Corrections Victoria (VICO)

Country Fire Authourity (VICF)

Dept. of Jobs, Precincts & Regions (DJPR)

Dept. of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP)

Dept. of Home Affairs (VDHA)

Dept. of Transport (VDOT)

Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (VIEC)

Fire Rescue Victoria (VIFI)

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR)

Life Saving Victoria (VLSV)

Parks Victoria (VIPS)

Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)

St John Ambulance (VISJ)

Sherriff’s Office Victoria (VISO)

State Emergency Service (VISE)

Victoria Police (VIPO)

WorkSafe Victoria (VIWS)

Victorian Fisheries Authority (VIFA)

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