Power Lifting


Alan Dew (Senior Sergeant - Endeavour Hills Uniform)

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Ph: 03 9709 7666

Louis Schmidt (Constable - Collingwood Police Station)

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The competition will take place under GPC rules and be judged by GPC judges. 
All athletes must weigh in on the day of the event.
All athletes will compete in three disciplines: squat, bench press and deadlift. (Contact coordinators if you only want to compete in one or two disciplines).
Medals will be awarded to weight class winners on TOTAL and the overall male and female will be based 
on the Glossbrenner formula.
Please note that a total of 50 lifters can be accommodated.



Men's 56KG $80.00 per person
Men's 60KG  
Men's 67.5KG  
Men's 75KG  
Men's 82.5KG  
Men's 90KG  
Men's 100KG  
Men's 110KG  
Men's 125KG  
Men's 140KG  
Men's Superheavyweight  
Women's 44KG  
Women's 48KG  
Women's 52KG  
Women's 56KG  
Women's 60KG  
Women's 67.5KG  
Women's 75KG  
Women's 82.5KG  
Women's 90KG  
Women's 100KG  
Women's 110KG+  


Venue, Date & Time

Sunday 2 April 2023 (start times to be determined
by number of entrants)
PTC Headquarters
15/700 Frankston-Dandenong Rd
Carrum Downs
Telephone: 0404453542
Web site: ptcheadquarters.com
Special details will be emailed 2-3 weeks before the event.


The venue has toilet facilities and limited change facilities. 
The venue is located within an Industrial area and as such, street parking is available. Drinks and protein bars available from the venue. 

Teams & Individual Events

You are now required to enter and pay online for both individual and team events i.e. payment is now required for both individual and team events.  

Entry Form Information

Could all competitors please provide THEIR e-mail address, or agency address on entry to facilitate the sending of the relevant rules? Preference for sending rules will be by e-mail.

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