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Mountain Bikes


Nick Blundell (DELWP)

Mob: 0431 209 040


This year’s event is a Cross Country Marathon (XCM) race lasting 3 hours on some sweet single track in the vicinity of Lake Eildon. E-bikes are welcome, and racing will take place in either age group categories, open male and female (E-bike only) or as teams. The trails will be rideable wet or dry and are suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced riders.
Thinking that 3-hours in the saddle is a bit much?
We are also offering a Short Course Come and Try event for 1.5hrs – similar to a traditional Cross Country Olympic race. This is aimed at any eligible emergency services workers simply wishing to participate, try their hand at racing or just have a ride with friends in a safe and controlled environment.
Teams may consist of two or three riders (a mix of E-MTB and normal MTB is not permitted) and there are no age divisions for the team.

Race Licences:
All riders must have a current AusCycling Race Membership or purchase a Race Day Licence. Race day licences or the 4-week free trial can be purchased online using the link below – Please note that race day licences are only valid on the day of purchase!
All Memberships and race licences must be valid on the date of the event for which you are registering. If your membership expires before the date of the event, you must renew your membership before entering this event. You will be required to show your membership on the day.




Mountain Bikes - 3hr Cross Country (Male & Female) $45.00
Mountain Bikes - Team 3hr Cross Country (Male, Female & Mixed) $45.00 per person
E-Mountain Bikes - 3hr Cross Country (Male & Female) $45.00 per person
 Mountain Bikes - Short Course Come and Try $45.00 per person


Age Code


00  18 - 29 Inclusive
01 30 - 39 Inclusive
40 40 - 49 Inclusive
50 50 - 59 Inclusive
60 60 - 69 Inclusive
70+ 70 years and older

Venue, Date & Time

Eildon Mountain Bike Park
Eildon, Vic
Saturday April 1st, 2023
Race start at 11:00 am
The track will be released in due course and will be suitable for all riders. Further information on the trails can be found at: Eildon MTB Park - Trailforks


Toilets and parking are available.

Special Instructions

Detailed ‘rider information’ will be sent to all entrants within 2-4 weeks of the event. Further information can be obtained by simply ringing one of the Sports Co-ordinators.

Teams & Individual Events

You are now required to enter and pay online for both individual and team events i.e. payment is now required for both individual and team events.  

Entry Form Information

Could all competitors please provide THEIR e-mail address, or agency address on entry to facilitate the sending of the relevant rules? Preference for sending rules will be by e-mail.