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Chris Lewis

Ph: 0417 234 909

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Badminton Singles (Male) $25.00 per person
Badminton Singles (Female) $25.00 per person
Badminton Doubles (Male) $25.00 per person
Badminton Doubles (Female) $25.00 per person
Badminton Doubles (Mixed) $25.00 per person
Badminton (All 3 events) $55.00 per person


Venue, Date & Time

This event will be conducted at Springer Leisure Centre, 400 Cheltenham Road, Keysborough. Please enter the stadium where you will need to “check in” and follow all stadium Covid health regulations. For further information on the Badminton Connect, please visit
Date: Wednesday 29th March 2023 commencing 09:00 hrs


Competition played on indoor courts. All amenities available at Badminton Connect including change rooms and car parking.

Special Instructions

Competitors are to supply their own racquets and wear the appropriate court attire.
Shuttles will be provided. All participants will need to show their agency ID on arrival to the badminton courts.
We are pleased to have the support of Badminton Victoria for this event as they will assist with the coordination of the event on the day.

Teams & Individual Events

You are now required to enter and pay online for both individual and team events i.e. payment is now required for both individual and team events.  

Entry Form Information

Could all competitors please provide THEIR e-mail address, or agency address on entry to facilitate the sending of the relevant rules? Preference for sending rules will be by email.