Presidents Message

The 2017 Victoria Police and Emergency Services Games was a record breaking Games in many ways. Not only were there a record number of competitors, but the levels of financial support and sponsorship promotion were outstanding.

Thank you to all the Agency Representatives, Sports Coordinators and volunteers involved in these most successful Games!

Perhaps one of the most pleasing aspects of the 2017 Games (which provide confidence in preparing for the 2018 Games) is the development of the website for registration, and entry to the Games. Giant strides have been made to ensure that entrants enjoy a trouble free entry process, which includes greater security and stability.

I am also very pleased with the recent development of the sponsorship of our Games. CityLink became our new sponsor and proved to be an excellent partner in the promotion of the Games. Not only did they create billboards to advertise the Games along their thoroughfares, they also lit up Bolte Bridge at night in the emergency services colors. Thank you!

To our longstanding and loyal sponsors APS Benefits and BankVic I cannot thank you enough. APS Benefits has supported the Games since 2001 and has contributed almost $70,000 during this time. BankVic (previously the Police Credit Cooperative) are now more directly involved in the sponsorship of the Games than ever before. You can’t put a price on loyalty and the Games Federation has been most fortunate in this regard.

There are many reasons why the 2017 Games were so successful let alone the desire and motivation of individual competitors. I wish to further recognize and attribute some of the success to the CEOs and senior management of member agencies for their encouragement, promotion and support, and urge you to continue your efforts to promote the health and wellbeing of your people.

I encourage you all to ‘jump on board’ the success of the Games. Our Games are about fitness, fun, friendship and a sense of belonging so start promoting the 2018 Games among your work colleagues.

Graham Ashton

Andrew Crisp, APM
Deputy Commissioner
President – Victoria Police Games Federation

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