Presidents Message

Thankyou to all the staff and volunteers involved in the successful conduct of the 2016 Victoria Police and Emergency Services Games - 2,750 competitors were involved in these Games which was an increase on last year.

A most entertaining launch of these Games included the Lord Mayor Robert Doyle; the former Minister for Emergency Services Jane Garrett, and the Richmond Football Captain Trent Cotchin. The launch also featured a handball competition between the ‘Heads of Department’ which proved to be an exciting addition to the launch.

In regards to financial contribution and sponsors, the agencies, APS Benefits and now BankVic have once again provided great support to enable sporting events to use modern promotional strategies such as ‘feather’ banners, and to be held at the highest quality venues.

I am aware that Agency Representatives are embracing the promotion of the Games more than ever. Some agencies are engaging ‘Health and Wellbeing’ teams to fund and promote the Games within their organization. Further to this they are providing recognition for achievement via infographics at the completion of the Games.

Congratulations to Corrections Victoria in winning the 2016 Games ‘Inter-Services Trophy’. This was a truly well deserved win based on a new system that better reflected the participation rates of staff within the Agencies, and ensured that all Agencies compete on an equal basis.  

Also congratulations to the Victoria Police ‘Family Violence Command’ for winning the Chief Commissioner’s Trophy.  Although this is only a small Command, the participants performed extremely well.

The work of Sport Coordinators is no doubt invaluable. It is widely recognized that they do an incredible job conducting their sporting events. Each year they are asked to ‘step up’ to conquer something new whether it is developing a ‘security strategy’ to be incorporated into their ‘Action Plans’, or getting to know new website technology to assist sports participants enter the Games.

Each year our medal ribbon design is receiving rave reviews, and this year’s ribbon design is no exception – an added bonus for doing well at the Games I would suggest.

Let’s get out there now and promote the 2017 Games, encourage our colleagues and friends to participate and again demonstrate how rewarding our Games can be!

Graham Ashton

Andrew Crisp, APM
Deputy Commissioner
President – Victoria Police Games Federation

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