Please note that their are NO more team spaces available as we have reached venue capacity. No new teams are able to be created. If you have been invited to join an existing team, you will be able to proceed.

Event Information

Event / Entry Fee

38B1 Doubles (Team) $20 per team
38C1 Triples (Team) $30 per team

Age Code / Description

00   Open

NOTE: A MAXIMUM OF 24 TEAMS ONLY will be accepted for either event.


Prison Supervisor Ron Penney
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Prison Officer Robyn Ward
Melbourne Assessment Prison.
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Petanque is also known as boule or bocce, and is the fore runner of lawn bowls. The game is played on a hard packed clay or gravel surface where metal balls (boules) are thrown into the air or along the ground with the aim of landing closest to the jack (cochonnet).

Venue, Date and Time

St Kilda Petanque Club, 66 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda. (Part of the St Kilda Sports Club – near the corner of Fitzroy Street & Canterbury Road). Melways 58 A8.

Day 1 Tuesday 24th March at 9.00 am Doubles.
Day 2 Wednesday 25th March at 9.00 am Triples.

Please notify the coordinators at the ground of your arrival to enable the day’s draw to be finalised. Any complete teams not at the ground at the start of competition will incur a penalty.

Competition will commence as close as possible to 9.30 am.

Medals will be presented at the end of each day’s competition.


Alcohol: Licensed bar at venue. No BYO alcohol permitted under any circumstances. Any person with BYO alcohol may be asked to immediately leave the club grounds by staff of the St Kilda Sports Club. That competitor will then forfeit any right to compete in any further events on that day.

Parking: There is a large amount of “meter” car parking immediately next to the St Kilda Sports Club and several multi story car parks in Fitzroy Street.

Food: There are numerous restaurants and cafes in Fitzroy Street

Team/Game Description

Doubles: Teams will consist of two players who will play with three balls each.

Triples: Teams will consist of three players who will play with two balls each.

Teams can be all male, all female, or a mixture of both.

If there are 15 or more teams in either of the events (Doubles or Triples) then that event will have an “A” Grade and “B” Grade. Medals will be presented for each grade.

Time limit during games: One minute between play.

Time limit of games: All qualifying games will have a forty five minute time limit. There will be no time limit for the medal games. Having time limits on qualifying games is the current practice recommended by the “Federation  Internationale de Petanque” for all competitions.

Bye/Forfeits: Any bye/forfeit will be scored as a 13 to 12 point win.

Boules: Social boules (balls) are permitted. For any competitors who do not have their own boules a supply of extra boules will be available (at no charge) from the coordinators. Jacks (cochinets) can be purchased for $4.00 at the ground.

Footwear: Footwear should cover/protect the toes – such as sneakers, shoes, boots or similar.

Other Information

Each day, prior to the start of competition, the Sports Coordinator will give a full explanation of the “Club Rules and Game Rules” (including the “A” and “B” Grade draw and the rules regarding time limits). If a competitor would like a copy of the document “Club Rules and Game Rules” prior to that date, please contact the Sports Coordinator at Ron. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A qualified umpire will be at the ground each day of competition.

Except for local ground rules (as per the “Club Rules and Game Rules”) play will comply with the rules of the “Federation Internationale de Petanque et Jeu Provincial.”

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