Half Marathon

Event Information

Event / Entry Fee

Road Race (Male)        $15.00
Road Race (Female)        $15.00

Age Code / Description

00        Open
18        18 – 29 Inclusive
30        30 – 34 Inclusive
35        35 – 39 Inclusive
40        40 – 44 Inclusive
45        45 – 49 Inclusive
50        50 – 54 Inclusive
55        55 – 59 Inclusive
60        60 – 64 Inclusive
65        65 – 69 Inclusive
7+       70 years and over


Insp. Graham Higginbotham

Mr Gerry Sheridan
(SES Operations Officer)
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Insp. Andrew McDowell
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Single event of the official half marathon distance of 21..1km. Runners will head anti-clockwise around the Tan from Kings Domain, then onto the Yarra Capital Trail from the Swan St Brigde until the turn around point before returning to the start/finish line. Traffic management will be setup on Alexandra Ave where runners will cross the road to enter the Main Yarra Trail. Please note the trail will be open to the public during the running of the event.

Venue, Date and Time

Yarra Capital Trail & The Tan - Start and Finish in Kings Domain near King George V Monument & Myer Music Bowl (see map below for running route) Friday 20th March 2020. Event to start at 0900 hours.


Public toilet facilities available along the course.

Special Instructions

There will be drink stations available at the start/finish line, the turn-around point, and at other spots along the course. There are also public drinks fountains along the route. Competitors who bring their own drinks will need to leave these at the start/finish line.

Current Record Holders (refer to the results on website)

Aps Group
Ambulance Vic
Criminal Intellegence Commision
Border Force
Australian Federal Police
Ausgov Agriculture
Volunteer Coastguard
Prison Services
Ausgov Immigration Border Protection
Vic Enviro Land Water
Vic Enviro Land Water
Esta 000
Life Saving Vic
Metro Fire Emergency
Parks Vic
Royal Flying Doctor
St John
Sheriffs Office Vic
Vic Fisheries
Victoria Police