Half Marathon

Event Information

Event / Entry Fee

Road Race (Male) / $15.00
Road Race (Female) / $15.00

Age Code / Description

00        Open
18        18 – 29 Inclusive
30        30 – 34 Inclusive
35        35 – 39 Inclusive
40        40 – 44 Inclusive
45        45 – 49 Inclusive
50        50 – 54 Inclusive
55        55 – 59 Inclusive
60        60 – 64 Inclusive
65        65 – 69 Inclusive
7+       70 years and over


Insp. Graham Higginbotham


A half marathon of 21.1km will be run along the Barwon River in Geelong South commencing on the Barwon Riverbank walking/running trail under the High Street bridge / river crossing. The run will involve a 950m run to a turnaround point on the south bank of the river. Runners will then run two laps of the course.

Support from a local running club will be provided with marshals and some equipment / traffic control in place as required. CoVID19 requirements to be complied with as required at the time of the event, with participants advised prior to the event of restrictions and requirements applying to the event at that time.

Venue, Date and Time

The Half Marathon will be run on a course along the Barwon River, Geelong South on Friday 19 March 2021. The race start time will be 9:00am. This date has been recommended on the basis of the schedule of other running type events for the Games. This will avoid conflict with other track / running events.

Competitors are requested to be at the start line by 8:30am to for a briefing and pre-race preparations/registration.


Public toilet facilities available along the course.

Special Instructions

There will be drink stations available at the start/finish line, the turn-around point, and at other spots along the course.

There are also public drinks fountains along the route. With COVID19 requirements applying, runners will be able to bring their own drink bottles and have them at the start/finish line where they can be accessed during the run.

Sharing of drink bottles is not permitted.

A COVID Safe Plan will be implemented for this event.

**Please note date and venue subject to change.

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