Event Information

Event / Entry Fee

Road Race $20.00

Individual Time Trial $15.00

Age Code / Description

18 18 – 29 Inclusive

30 30 – 34 Inclusive

35 35 – 39 Inclusive

40 40 – 44 Inclusive

45 45 – 49 Inclusive

50 50 – 54 Inclusive

55 55 – 59 Inclusive

60 60 – 64 Inclusive

65 65 – 69 Inclusive

70+ 70 years and over


FF Patrick Cashin (CFA)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mr Simon Hall (DJTR)

Mr Michael Sparke (VIPO)

Mr John Chatfield (SES)


Individual Time Trial

The distance is approximately 10km, which suits the time frame of the day and to allow suitable recovery for riders who will also compete in the road race. The layout of the course will be either an out and back course and a single lap of a 10 km block subject to permit approval.

Road Race – Men under 60 years old will race 60 km approx.
Road Race – All women and men over 59 years old will race 45 km approx.

Venue, Date and Time

Geelong Surfcoast Cycling Club, 1430 Hendy Main Rd, Paraparap

Both events will begin at the clubrooms.

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Time Trial – 0930hrs
Road Race – 1200hrs

Special Instructions

Riders are only permitted to use Time Trial specific equipment in the time trial race.

Riders must have a functioning red rear tail light that must remain turned on during the races. Disc brakes will be permitted in both events.

If only one entry received for an age division, that division will be deleted and the competitor offered a position in the next younger age group. Age and or gender divisions may be merged if entries are insufficient.

Entry Form Information

Entries will not be accepted after Monday 16th March 2020.

Other Information

The cycling events are races and as such, involve varied levels of inter-agency competition and ability. While age group medals are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters, the emphasis on the event is to promote fitness, friendship and participation. Medals will be presented on conclusion of each event.

The events are supported by the Geelong Surfcoast Cycling Club, Northern Veterans Cycling Club, and Blackburn Cycling Club.

All race circuits are dependent upon successful granting of relevant permit applications.

Program containing start list, times, directions, distances etc. will be emailed to all competitors after the close of entries.

Aps Group
Ambulance Vic
Criminal Intellegence Commision
Border Force
Australian Federal Police
Ausgov Agriculture
Volunteer Coastguard
Prison Services
Ausgov Immigration Border Protection
Vic Enviro Land Water
Vic Enviro Land Water
Esta 000
Life Saving Vic
Metro Fire Emergency
Parks Vic
Royal Flying Doctor
St John
Sheriffs Office Vic
Vic Fisheries
Victoria Police