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With the success of the 2019 Victoria Police & Emergency Services Games behind us, we now eagerly set our sights on the 2020 Games. Victoria’s emergency service agencies embrace the spirit of the Games more enthusiastically every year. We hope that continues in 2020 and I look forward to seeing a high level of participation and healthy competition among colleagues and between agencies.

One of the greatest things about the Games is that they are open to all ages and abilities, from people who regularly participate in sport or physical activities, to those who might not have pulled on the athletic gear for some time. There are many sports to participate in, from the very athletic such as netball, basketball and crossfit, through to more sedate, but no less competitive, activities like darts and lawn bowls. There are sports for individual competitors and for teams. The Games have something for everyone, and with venues across the state, there is access for all who wish to take part.

It is well known that physical activity can help us keep ourselves mentally well. We also know the wellbeing benefits of connecting with and sharing experiences with others. We all have busy lives and for many of us it is difficult to find time for these activities. The Games provide a wonderful opportunity for participants to set goals around fitness or participation, and to make time to work toward them.

Emergency service employees enter in the Games for various reasons. Individual competitors may be aiming for a personal best performance, or a team may be looking to win bragging rights over another for a year. Others may simply want to experience a new sport or spend time outside of the workplace with colleagues and peers. Whatever the motivation, the Games are a fun and memorable experience for everyone who participates.

I acknowledge and thank the Sports Federation, sports coordinators and volunteers for their efforts in organising the 2020 Games. The Games would not be possible without the considerable work that they do.

I look forward to seeing participants in action when I visit the venues and events throughout the Games. I encourage everyone to promote the Games, register for an event or two, get a team together, and enjoy what will be a wonderful nine days of sporting competition and fun.


Graham Ashton

Graham Ashton, AM
Chief Commissioner
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