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Mr Greg Kitchen ( retired Leading Senior Constable)

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Mr Richard Crisp

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The tournament will be run to International, Australian and Victorian rules.
All events will have 1 round.
Simple rule description for novice water skiers (Division 6).
Contestants will use the Mini course. In each round they will have 4 passes through the course. The wider they go and the closer they go to the main course buoys the more points they will get. Maximum points are awarded when the skier goes around the main buoys.
As per the world rules, it will be assumed the novice will attempt basic tricks like side slides.
The skiers will have the option of the 4 foot ramp height.



77A1X - Slalom $30.00
77B1X - Tricks $30.00
77C1X - Jump $30.00
77D1X - Slalom and Tricks $40.00
77E1X - Slalom, Tricks and Jump $50.00
77F1X - Barefoot Slalom $30.00





6 Mini Course. The Skier may stay in Division 6 until they have completed 6 Main Course buoys in a pass in 2 different categories. 0 to 500 0m to 10m
5 Any skier without a rating may enter Division 5 or 6 510 to 1000 10.1m to 15m
4 0 @ 46k to 6 @ max for division 1010 to 2000 15.1m to 25m
3 0 @ 16m to 4 @ 14.25 2010 to 3000 25.1m to 35m
2 4.25 @ 14.25m to 6 @ 13m 3010 to 5000 35.1m to 45m
1 0 @ 12m plus 5010 plus 45.1m plus

Venue, Date & Time

Wednesday, 23rd March 2022

0730 Geelong Waterski Club, 493 Wilsons Road St Albans Park, Geelong. Melways Map 466 H6.
The bare foot competition will commence at 0730 hours. Tournament skiing, which includes slalom, jump and trick, will follow.

Thursday, 24th March 2022 
(Only required if there are large numbers of entrants and or unavoidable delays on Wednesday)
0730 Geelong Waterski Club, Wilsons Road Whittington Geelong
Public Liability Insurance.
Skiers who have entered the competition and signed the WAWA bulk membership form will be covered by the Water Ski and Wakeboard Association (WAWA) for public liability. There is no Personal Injury Insurance for skiers who are not full members of Water Ski and Wakeboard Australia.


The Geelong Water Ski Club was established in 1961.
The club is on the Barwon River at the end of Wilsons Road in Whittington (a suburb of Geelong). 
The club has world class tournament facilities including a slalom course and jump. 
Skiers will need to supply their own equipment including wetsuits, life jackets, gloves and skis.
The clubhouse has a kitchen, toilets and shower. Free camping is available at the clubhouse
After the event there will be a BBQ at the clubhouse. All contestants, volunteers and officials are invited.
The event will be sanctioned by Tournament Water Ski Australia.

Teams & Individual Events

You are now required to enter and pay online for both individual and team events i.e. payment is now required for both individual and team events.  

Entry Form Information

Could all competitors please provide THEIR e-mail address, or agency address on entry to facilitate the sending of the relevant rules? Preference for sending rules will be by e-mail.
A COVID Safe Plan IF REQUIRED will be implemented for this event.

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