The Victoria Police Sports Awards

In 1995 the Victoria Police Amateur Sports and Welfare Society Inc. introduced the Victoria Police Sports Awards and commenced the Victoria Police Sporting Hall of Fame.

The Victoria Police Sports and Welfare Awards recognise the achievements of the Outstanding Victoria Police Club, Outstanding Police Administrator and Most Outstanding Individual Performance of the year. In 1999 the Victoria Police Amateur Boxing and Wrestling Club dissolved and initiated an ‘Athlete Scholarship’ which is now part of the annual sports awards presentations. The ‘Most Improved Police Team of the Year’ award was introduced in 2013 and recognises the team who has shown sustained improvement in performance.

The Victoria Police Sporting Hall of Fame recognises the achievements of Victoria Police members in all fields of sport and of those who have made a significant contribution to Policing and Sport.

In 2009 the Society decided to amend the awards criteria to become more inclusive of clubs who are more welfare oriented.

The Victoria Police Sports and Welfare Awards and the Victoria Police Sporting Hall of Fame are situated on the Concourse Level at the Victoria Police Centre.

The recipients of the Awards are as follows:

Most Outstanding Individual Sporting or Welfare Achievement

1995 – Russell FLETCHER for his contribution to swimming at the police level and also at a state, national and international level
1996 – Jenny PARLEVLIET for her dedication and commitment to Equestrian Events culminating in her competing at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games in the Showjumping Events.
1997 – Mark NICHOLS for his contribution to Badminton at State and National level and for his inclusion in the 1998 Commonwealth Games Squad
1998 – Russell FLETCHER for his continued excellence in swimming at police games level and also at state, national and international level
1999 – Andrew HUNTINGTON for his outstanding bowling and batting performance in V.C.A. District Cricket, and in the Grand Final.
2000 – Michelle DENCH for her remarkable achievement in winning all female awards in the Australasian Police Basketball Championships over the past three years.
2001 – Valma WALSH for her outstanding achievements at the 2001 World Police & Fire Games.
2002 – John HOLLIS for his most valued performance for Victoria at the Australian Police Rugby League Championships.
2003 – Bob BAYLEY (retired Insp.) for his inspirational achievements in the swimming events at the 2003 Victoria Police & Emergency Services Games & World Masters Games in Melbourne.
2004 – Simon GLOSTER for his outstanding effort in local, national and international Police Clay Target shooting competitions.
2005 – Gordon GOURLAY (retired Chief Inspector) for his great success in the Victoria Masters Track and Field Championships, Victoria Police & Emergency Services Games, and the Australia and New Zealand Police and Emergency Services Games where he established a new Australian record in his age group for the high jump.
2006 – Sue BUSSELL for her great success at the Victoria Police & Emergency Services Games swimming event and the State Master’s and Aussie Master’s National swimming events.
2007 – Tim BENNETT for his outstanding achievement in winning three (3) gold medals in men’s Open cycling events at the Adelaide 2007 World Police and Fire Games.
2008 -  Kelly WALKER for her outstanding achievements in winning every single woman’s award available at the recent Australasian Police Basketball Championships.
2009 – Warren ESTCOURT for his outstanding achievements as player and coach in the Australasian Police Basketball Championships over the past ten years.
2010 – Renee HULLS for her outstanding and sustained performance in indoor netball and being selected to play for Australia in the Indoor Netball Tri Nations Cup, South Africa.
2011 – Cherie ARNELL for her sustained performance over the past decade and excellent achievements at the 2010 Australasian Police Basketball Championships making the Australian ‘All Star’ team for the ninth time.
2012 – David EADIE for his unbelievable run of 220 kilometres across Death Valley, California, USA representing Reclink Australia.
2013 – Manase HOLANI for his selection in the Australian team for the Australian Police Rugby Union Hong Kong Tour 2013.
2014 – Suzan ANDREWS for consistency and excellent fitness to win six (6) gold medals and one (1) bronze medal in the three different disciplines of Indoor Rowing, Stair Climb and Swimming at the 2013 World Police & Fire Games.
2015 – Leading Senior Constable Tim SPITERI for his endeavour to raise money for Multiple Schlerosis (MS) Australia by completing an ocean row from Australia to Africa—a distance of 9000 km unsupported. Tim became the first Australian to row two oceans—the Atlantic in 2013 and the Indican in 2014.
2016 – Mr Marcus NASH created the ‘Blue Green Crew’ project which offer 4WD adventures to the great outdoors for people suffering from the post-traumatic stress disorder.
2017 – Det. Senior Constable Adam MOORE, a member of the Victoria Police Amateur Basketball Association participated in the Australasian Police Basketball Tournament last October and led his team to the finals. Adam won the Most Valuable Player Award; lead the tournament in scoring, and was honoured with a place on the ‘All-Star’ team.

Most Outstanding Club Performance

1995 - Victoria Police Football Club for winning the 1995 Australian National Football Championships
1996 - Victoria Police Basketball Association for their consistent performance in winning the men’s and women’s Australasian Police Basketball Championships.
1997 - Victoria Police Cricket Team for winning both the Mid-Week and National titles.
1998 - Victoria Police Bowling Club for their outstanding performance at the Australasian Police Bowls Championship.
1999 – Victoria Police Soccer Club for winning the inaugural Carty- Forsyth Memorial Shield and the Tynan – Eyre Cup.
2000 – Victoria Police Bowling Club for winning its 3rd Australian Championship in four years.
2001 – Victoria Police Golf Club for its sustained and excellent performance in challenge events during the year.
2002 – Victoria Police Soccer Club for sustained performances at the 2001 ANZ Police Games, and the development of closer ties with the multicultural and indigenous communities.
2003 – Victoria Police Motor Sports Club for its outstanding effort in conducting the ‘Blue Light Ride’ and high placings of club individuals at both national and state level competition.
2004 – Victoria Police Women’s ‘A’ Basketball Team for their sustained achievements at National level – undefeated 3 years in a row.
2005 – Victoria Police Swimming Team for their amazing double crossing of the ‘English Channel’ where they were the first ever police team to complete the return crossing.
2006 – Victoria Police Soccer Club for their team success in Singapore and Holland; their outstanding development of soccer in local ethnic communities, and the creation of the ‘Tony Clarke Memorial Day’.
2007 – Victoria Police Amateur Basketball Association for the outstanding achievements of both the men’s and women’s teams at national and international level during the past year.
2008 – Loddon District Police Trap Club for outstanding success at the 2007 Australasian Police & Services Clay Target Championships winning the four major titles of the championships. 
2009 – Victoria Police Football Club for outstanding success at the recent National Police Football Carnival finishing first among participating states of South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania and Queensland.
2010 – Victoria Police Soccer Club for consistent, constructive involvement with multicultural and disadvantaged sectors resulting in the development of sustainable and positive partnerships with the Victorian community.
2011 – Victoria Police Basketball Association for hosting the Australasian Championships, and winning both the men’s and women’s Australasian titles in the 34 team competition.
2012 – Victoria Police Soccer Club who won this year’s Victorian Premier’s award for ‘Community Harmony’ and their continuing outstanding efforts to make strong connections both locally and overseas with ethnic communities.
2013 – Victoria Police Soccer Club had their best year ever by achieving great success in the areas of international competition; good will and multiculturalism; indigenous relations and charity.
2014 – Victoria Police Soccer Club winning gold medals in the Open men’s and woman’s, and over 40 men’s outdoor competitions at the 2014 Australasian Police & Emergency Services Games – a record 7 medals at this level.
2015 – Victoria Police Cricket Club for their success in creating the ‘Harmony in Cricket Cup’; Australaisan police cricket events, and their outstanding work in fostering community relationships in numerous community events.
2016 – Victoria Police Cycling Club for their outstanding charity ride from Corryong, Victoria to the Canberra National Police Memorial to raise funds for Police Legacy.
2017 – Victoria Police Soccer Club was involved in three major events - the Ann Brimblecombe Cup, the Blue Ribbon Cup and the Tony Clarke Memorial Day amongst a multitude of other community events, raising funds, exposure & awareness and forging meaningful relationships within the community.

N.B.  The ‘Most Improved Team of the Year’ award was introduced in 2013 and is sponsored by the Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Most Improved Team of the Year

2013 – Victoria Police Netball Club for their commitment to significant improvement by indentifying weaknesses, setting goals and providing positive support which resulted in increased fitness, confidence and winning a Grand Final.
2014 – Victoria Police Hockey Club for their teams’ outstanding success at the 2013 World Police & Fire Games attributed to excellent training strategies, field tactics, increased enthusiasm and confidence to succeed at higher levels.
2015 – Victoria Police Rugby Club for their success in making the finals of the Rugby 7s competition at the 2015 World Police & Fire Games, and defeating a Victorian Country team in the annual Blue Ribbon Rugby League Charity Cup event.
2016 – Victoria Police Football Club for restructuring the club to form a solid platform of trust, loyalty, integrity and discipline, and making strong links to the current Victoria Police ‘Blue Print’.
2017 – Victoria Police Golf MatchPlay Team was involved in the Australian Police MatchPlay Championships. Through team unity and strategy, the Victorian Squad defeated Queensland in the 2016 MatchPlay Championships and ended Queenslands 7 year finals streak, to become the ‘National Champions’.

Most Outstanding Police Sports or Welfare Administrator

1995 - Inspector Danny BODYCOAT APM, B.S.Sc for his contribution to the running of the 1995 World Police and Fire Games.
1996 -  Sergeant Keith MARSHALL for his long commitment as Secretary of the Victoria Police Golf Club.
1997 - Mr Geoff BAKER (retired Superintendent) for his long commitment as Secretary of the Victoria Police Bowling Club.
1998 - Detective Sergeant Warren GILBERT for his long commitment with the Victoria Police Eastern Tigers Football Club.
1999 -​ Detective Senior Sergeant Bill NASH for his administration and successful financial management of the Victoria Police Ski Club since 1978.
2000 – Detective Senior Sergeant Pat BOYLE for his long involvement with the Victoria Police Basketball Club as an administrator, when the club achieved outstanding success.
2001 – Senior Sergeant Ron SINCLAIR for his role as Secretary of the Victoria Police Soccer Club and his major success
in the establishment of the Tynan-Eyre Cup and Carty-Forsyth Shield.
2002 – Mr Ian (Mac) McKENZIE for his tireless endeavours as Secretary/Treasurer of the Victoria Police Axeman’s Club for 25 years.
2003 – Detective Leading Senior Constable Vince MANNO for his development of the ‘On Side Soccer’ program and his persistence to bring Police, Sport and Multiculturalism together.
2004 – Mr Allan POCOCK (retired Supt.) for his commitment and devotion over 17 years as Treasurer of the Victoria Police Games Federation, and for the recent development of the Games database. 
2005 – Inspector Nigel HOWARD whose initiative, dedication, planning, organisation and ability to relate to all people have been fundamental to the continued success of the Homicide Cycle Team     
2006 – Senior Sergeant Lindsay AITKEN for his outstanding endeavour to organise cycling tours for people of all ages, and his ability to expand horizons, and improve the wellbeing of members and their families.
2007 – Sergeant Darren COOPER for his consistent efforts to create positive outcomes for Victoria Police by organising the involvement of the Victoria Police Soccer Club in many local community and fundraising events. 
2008 – Detective Senior Constable Steve RAINEY for his outstanding drive and enthusiasm to increase membership, and capture the statistical history of the Victoria Police Cricket Club in a publication that took two years to complete.
2009 – Senior Constable Belinda JONES for her desire, commitment and leadership to re-establish the Victoria Police Netball Club, and to promote the benefits of good health and wellbeing through involvement in netball for Police members, emergency service workers and the broader community.
2010 – Mr Vic HAWKING for his high level of commitment and quality of work as the Executive Officer for both the Victoria Police Games Federation and the Victoria Police Amateur Sports & Welfare Society.
2011 – Leading Senior Constable Steve RAINEY for his management of this year’s Australia and New Zealand Police Cricket Championships where the Victoria Police Cricket Club won the championship for a record 7th time.
2012 – Mr Glenn WOODHATCH (retired Senior Constable) for his outstanding administration over a long period of time for the Loddon District Trap Club.
2013 – Mr Chris LEWIS for his outstanding organisational and administrative achievements for the Victoria Police Hockey Club since 2007.
2014 – Senior Sergeant Tim ARMSTRONG for his outstanding work for the Victoria Police Basketball Association, particularly as Treasurer where his research, innovation and diligence has ensured that his club remains one of the best run clubs of the Victoria Police Amateur Sports & Welfare Society.
2015 – L/S/C Barry RANDALL for his role as President of the Victoria Poice Rugby Club where membership and event participation has steadily increased, and particularly, as co-cordinator of the past three World Police & Fire Games.
2016 – Senior Constable Kieran RODGERS for his key role as Secretary of the Victoria Police Cricket Club in developing initiatives and strategies to increase membership, and the development of the ‘Luke Batty memorial Shield’ through his own leadership, dedication, and sacrifice.
2017 – Insp. Marg LEWIS was a founding member of the Victoria Police Woman’s Soccer Club in 2012 and led the development of Woman’s ‘Blue Ribbon Foundation’ Cup and the ‘Ann Brimblecombe Memorial’ Cup. In addition Marg planned, coordinated and facilitated the Soccer Clubs Good Friday appeal and coordinated three teams in the Australasian Police and Emergency Service Games.

Victoria Police Amateur ‘Athlete Scholarship’

2000 – Detective Senior Constable Philip EDGE for his desire and determination to continually improve his performances in the sport of rugby league.
2001 – Senior Constable Rodney LAY for his level of improvement and commitment over the past year in the Thumpernats National Motorcross series and local events.
2002 – Senior Constable Graham CALDWELL for his determination to improve and succeed at the National level in Kyokushin Karate – a most demanding full contact sport.
2003 – Leading Senior Constable Justin WHITEHEAD for his resolve to continually improve to make the Australian boxing team and to qualify for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.
2004 – Constable Deanne BUTLER for her continual improvement to receive the ‘Coach’s Award’; her desire to overcome injury, travel and to receive the best coaching available.
2005 – Senior Constable Sahin SAHINKAYA who has competed in both National and International TaeKwonDo competitions and is currently training for selection for the next Olympic Games.
2006 – Senior Constable Michelle DENCH for her increased level of fitness and development of specific skills, and her efforts to be chosen in the ‘first ever’ female ‘International Rules’ team to tour Ireland.
2007 – Senior Constable Michael PATERSON for his dedication to improvement and his endeavour to be selected in an Australian Police Rugby Union team to tour the United Kingdom and Ireland.
2008 – Senior Sergeant Chris THYNNE for his remarkable improvement in Triathlon events that lead to competing in World Ironman championships.
2009 – Constable Sam WHITING for her desire and determination to improve in equestrian events; her elevation into higher levels of competition and selection onto the Victoria Senior State Eventing Squad.
2010 – Senior Constable Natasha LONSDALE for her consistency at National sporting clays shooting events and her tireless drive to improve and to be selected in the Australian team.
2011 – Sergeant Adam VOHMANN for his outstanding dedication and persistence in ironman triathlons to compete in the Hawaian Triathlon involving the sporting disciplines of swimming, cycling and running.
2012 – Senior Constable Emma RYAN for her recent success in Asian, Australian and Oceanic fencing competitions, and her desire to improve through quality coaching and competition.
2013 – Senior Constable Timothy SPITERI who completed a 3,000 mile ocean crossing by rowing from the Canary Islands to Barbados.
2014 – Ms Sally CUMMING for her determination and dedication to continually improve in State, National and International Surf Lifesaving woman’s beach sprints, recently winning gold at each level and being selected in the Victoria High Performance Squad.
2015 – Senior Constable Greg STURROCK for his dedication and participation as an Australian Ice Hockey League player and being selected to represent Australia at the 2015 World Ice Hockey Championships in Iceland.
2016 – Det. Senior Constable Kelly BAYLISS for her mental fortitude and sacrifice to win both the Victoria State and       Southern Hemisphere bodybuilding titles to represent Australia at the 2016 International Natural Olympia and Women’s Figure and Body Sculpting Competition.
2017 – Senior Constable Shaun TAYLOR, dubbed the ‘Usain Bolt’ of the Victoria Police, achieved first place in an Athletics Victoria 200m Shield Race, as well as both the 200m Victorian and Australian Masters finals.

Most Outstanding Police Recreation, Welfare, Social or Other Achievement of the Year (new award)

2016 – The Victoria Police Soccer Club’s ‘Tony Clarke Memorial Match’ created with the permission of Tony Clarke’s family, and involving a memorial match between ex-Socceroos and members of the Soccer Club to remember   and celebrate Tony’s life, while supporting the many victims of crime.
2017 – The Victoria Police Cricket Club created and developed the ‘Harmony in Cricket T20 Cup’. The ‘Harmony in Cricket’ match was able to provide the club an amazing opportunity to interact with young refugees and asylum seekers, to break down barriers and form a connection between them and the Victoria Police, and show that Police are there to offer them assistance.The match also played a major role in the integration of diverse groups into the broader Australian community.

Sporting Hall of Fame

1995 - Mr Jack DYER for his contribution to Australian Rules football
1995 - Mr Les HARLEY for his contribution to the sport of boxing and representation at the Olympic and Empire Games
1995 - Mr Jack O’TOOLE for his contribution to the sport of woodchopping
1995 - Ms Raelee THOMPSON for her contribution to International Womens Cricket
1996 - Mr Alan JEANS for his contribution to Australian Rules football
1996 - Mr Joe SELLWOOD for his contribution to Australian Rules football
1997 - Mr Fred HUGHSON for his contribution to Australian Rules football
1998 - Mr Sam SNELL for his contribution to lawn bowls, golf, cricket and Australian Rules football
1999 – Mr Ron HUNT for his contribution to wrestling and representation at the Rome Olympics
2000 – Mr Ron TAYLOR for his contribution to boxing and rowing and representation at the Rome and Tokyo Olympics
2001 – Senior Constable Russell COOK for his contribution to Australian Rules football, and cricket
2002 – Mr Ray MITCHELL for his contribution to wrestling and representation at both the 1956 and 1960 Olympics
2003 – Inspector Garry SCHIPPER for his contribution and success at the highest level in world sailing events including the Admirals Cup and World Championships.
2004 – Mr Rex HUNT for his outstanding contribution to VFL/AFL football, the sport of angling and the ‘Sports Media’.
2005 – Mr Ken SNELL for his contribution to the sport of tennis having won the 1992 father/son world championship, and his contribution to VFL/AFL football having played with the North Melbourne Kangaroos first eighteen.
2006 – Mr Bill PROUDFOOT, Australian Rules football legend who was one of the finest and fairest players of his day.
2007 – Senior Constable Amanda ​HARDY for her outstanding contribution to the sport of badminton winning bronze medals at two (2) Commonwealth Games in 1994 and 1998, and representation at the Sydney Olympics.
2008 – Leading Senior Constable Kellie LOUGHMAN for her outstanding contribution to the sport of softball, particularly at international level where she represented Australia for 10 years in over 80 different events.
2009 – Mr Geoff ROSENOW for his contribution to Australian Rules football as both a player and coach in two of the highest competitions – the VFL/AFL and VFA.
2010 – Assistant Commissioner Emmett DUNNE for his contribution to Australian Rules football as player at the highest level including State representation. 
2011 – Mr Jack (Copper) EVANS for his contribution to Australian Rules football as star player for the Geelong Football Club, who also represented Victoria on nine occasions in the 1930’s.
2012 – Mr Bernard (Barney) HERBERT for his contribution to Australian Rules football as an outstanding player and leader at the Richmond Football Club who was credited with Richmond winning their first premiership in 1920.
2013 – Sergeant Deanne BUTLER for her outstanding contribution to Australian Women’s basketball with the Australia Opals National Basketball team, and becoming the first Australian Policewoman to play in the European competition.
2014 – Mr Paul MAGUIRE for his amazing English Channel swim overcoming injury and breathing difficulties to become the first serving police person to achieve such a feat.
2015 – Mr Stephen “Jack” MCBURNEY for his outstanding contribution to Australian Rules Footbal (AFL) in Umpiring. Steve umpired 401 games, only the 3rd umpire to officiate in 400 games, and was awarded Life Membership in both the AFL and AFL Umpires Association.
2016 – Senior Sergeant Russell FLETCHER for his amazing longevity and success as a swimmer winning numerous Australian and Victorian titles from 1971 to 1976; the creation of an Aussie Masters World Record in the 1500 freestyle in 1994, and being awarded the title of Aussie Masters Overall Australian Swimming Champion in 1992, 1994 and 1996.
2017 – Supt. Lisa HARDEMAN for her distinguished football career, starting at the Fairfield Football Club, and playing 111 Games for the Victorian Womens Football League. From 1988-1999 she received an exceptional number of awards and achievements for her playing and coaching. She is a current member of the VWFL advisory board with AFL Victoria, and has a ‘Best on Ground’ award in the Premier Division Grand Final named in her honour – ‘The Lisa Hardeman Medal’.

These awards are presented at a dinner held in September each year. All Clubs and members are encouraged to attend and also submit names and details for consideration for these awards. For further information contact the Secretary, Victoria Police Amateur Sports and Welfare Society on 9566 9477.

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