Toughest Competitor Alive

Event Information

Event / Entry Fee

TCA – Individual (Male)        $10.00
TCA – Individual (Female)        $10.00
TCA Doubles (Male)            $10.00 per person
TCA Doubles (Female)        $10.00 per person
TCA Doubles (Mixed)            $10.00 per person

Age Code / Description


00        Open
30        30 – 34 Inclusive
35        35 – 39 Inclusive
40        40 – 44 Inclusive
45        45 – 49 Inclusive
50        50 – 54 Inclusive
55        55 – 59 Inclusive
60        60 – 64 Inclusive
65        65 – 69 Inclusive
70+      70 years and over


00         Open


Mr Aaron Sweet

Station Officer Barry Woods

Venue, Date and Time

This event will be conducted at the Police Academy on Sunday 25 March 2018 at 0900 hours as follows:


1 – 4km Cross Country Run        
2 – 100 Metre Sprint
3 – Shot Put                
4 – 100 Metre Freestyle
5 – Illinois Agility Run
6 – Bench Press, Increasing weighted bar, 3 lifts.
7 – Chin-ups                
8 – Obstacle Course


Toilets and change room facilities are available.

Special Instructions

Individual entries will not be accepted on the day of competition


Team entries will not be accepted on the day of competition.

Entry Form Information

Competitors will only be allowed to nominate for one individual age group.
For example you will be able to compete in the open division or the 30-35 age group - you will not be able to compete in both at the same time.

Other Information

Competitors will be given a score out of 0-1000 per event, which will go towards the total score of all eight events.  You do not need to be the best at all events.
In the doubles you only need to do four of the eight events which will go towards your total team score. 
You are able to do the individual and doubles event at the same time where your score in the individual event will go towards your doubles score as well.

Aps Group
Ambulance Vic
Criminal Intellegence Commision
Border Force
Australian Federal Police
Ausgov Agriculture
Volunteer Coastguard
Prison Services
Ausgov Immigration Border Protection
Vic Enviro Land Water
Vic Enviro Land Water
Esta 000
Life Saving Vic
Metro Fire Emergency
Parks Vic
Royal Flying Doctor
St John
Sheriffs Office Vic
Victoria Police