Rock Climbing

Event Information

Event / Entry Fee

Rock Climbing – Indoor (Male)    $18 per person + $5 equipment (harness + climbing shoes) if required.
Rock Climbing – Indoor (Female)     $18 per person + $5 equipment (harness + climbing shoes) if required.

Age Code / Description

00   Open


Aline Coulson

Andrew Feagan - Operations Officer


This is a fun social competition with the aim of climbing cleanly as many climbs as possible in 60 minutes. The climbs will be completed on auto belays. Points for each climb will be awarded based on difficulty. A grade 10 is worth 10 points and a 21 worth 21 points, but the grades are not revealed until the end of the competition.

Competitors attempt to climb as many climbs as possible within one hour. Points can only be awarded for each climb once but competitors can have as many attempts as they need to get to the top. After each attempt, the competitor must go to back of the queue before next attempt. At the end of the 60 minutes, competitors may finish the climb started so long as all limbs are off the ground. In the event of tie, a speed climb decider will be used.

Venue, Date and Time

Wednesday 27th March 2019 – 9am–12pm, with lunch provided.

This event will be conducted at Gravity Worx Indoor climbing gym, 182 – 184 Sussex Street Pascoe Vale Vic 3044.

Phone 9350 1789
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Toilets and shower are available on site.

Special Instructions

If hiring gear, socks must be worn to meet hygiene regulations. Comfortable clothes to exercise in such as gym wear works best. Long hair must to be tied back and jewellery to be removed from necks hands and dangly earrings.

Some warm up time pre competition is recommended. A brief 15-minute safety instruction and competition rule debriefing will be conducted

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