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The Australian Public Service Benevolent Society (APS Benefits) has been the major sponsor of the Victoria Police & Emergency Services Games for nearly 20 years. The only way we continue to exist (and then sponsor the Games) is by your organisation knowing about us. Workplace lunchtime seminars in areas such as superannuation, taxation and are tailor made to suit those within all of the Emergency Services. Contact Roger Gerny from APS Benefits on 0414 689452 to see how best we can help your organisation via education through presentation.



CityLink makes it easy to move around Melbourne by providing convenient connections between the West Gate, Tullamarine and Monash freeways.

Our range of accounts and passes provide frequent and occasional travellers access to the toll road network, so they can benefit from safer journeys and a more direct route. CityLink is committed to contributing to our community by providing exceptional customer support, and dedicated to reducing our environmental impact through regular road maintenance and our sustainability program. We work closely with emergency services to provide easy and safe access to CityLink and are continually improving our network by adding more lanes and introducing new technology to make the road safer and improve traffic flow. CityLink is proud to support the Victoria Police and Emergency Services Games.

To learn more about CityLink visit www.citylink.com.au


BankVic are proud sponsors of Victoria Police, helping members achieve their financial goals, quickly and easily. BankVic exists to strengthen the communities we serve, which is why we’re a bank, but we’re not like the other banks. Our profits are reinvested back into our organisation so that you benefit with great products and low fees. For more information on our products and services, visit: www.bankvic.com.au

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