Patrons Message

With the outstanding success of the 2017 Games it is hard to imagine how the Games could get much better. But they are.

The scale of this event is impressive. There are more sports and more competitors than ever before.

The new sport of water skiing and its disciplines of slalom, tricks and jump is an example of an exciting new addition to the 44 sporting event program.

The popularity of AFL 9’s has doubled in the past year, and there is every indication that this sport will continue to grow, particularly if the recent enthusiasm shown by police women in policing and other emergency services agencies is any guide.

These Games showcase the talent, energy, and determination of our police and emergency service workers. Amongst the fierce competition, we will see demonstrations of the qualities our people display every day when they serve our community-team work, humility, integrity and leadership.

These Games provides participants with the opportunity to break away from the stresses of their daily work and prioritise their own wellbeing. It is also an opportunity to connect with like-minded people and enjoy the spirit of friendship and community that the Games engender. This is so important for good mental health.

I wish to acknowledge the volunteer Sports Coordinators and their assistants who provide their time and effort, and make sacrifices to help make this event happen. I also acknowledge the dedicated work of the Games Federation, which for the last 36 years has done a great job at bringing this event together.

I look forward to attending some of the sporting events, and urge you to start promoting the Games in your workplaces to raise awareness of an opportunity that is too good to miss.

Graham Ashton

Graham Ashton, AM
Chief Commissioner
Victoria Police

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