Games Commitee

PATRON: Chief Commissioner of Police, Mr Graham Ashtom, AM

PRESIDENT: Deputy Commissioner, Mr Andrew Crisp, APM

VICE-PRESIDENTS: ​Inspector Dave Wilkins, Mr Gerry Sheridan (SES Operations Officer)

SECRETARY: Mr Vic Hawking, Assoc. Diploma of Recreation.

ASSIST. SECRETARY: Mr Brian Neal (retired Fire Officer, Country Fire Authority)

TREASURER: Leading Senior Constable Kelly Bowen

COMMITTEE: Mr Danny Bodycoat APM (retired Inspector), Detective LSC Lee Smith; Mr Tim Hose (retired Detective Sergeant); Ms Sue Bussell; Mr Gerry Ryan; Ms Dianne Roberston; Mr Michael Sparke; LSC Robyn Reed; Sgt. Cass Taylor; Mr Wayne Morgan (retired Inspector); Ms Claire Osborne and Sgt. Adrian Keltie.


PROGRAM: Mr Vic Hawking

FINANCE: Leading Senior Constable Kelly Bowen

CATERING: Ms Sue Dundas

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND POLICE GAMES FEDERATION: Insp. Dave Wilkins (Delegate) and Sgt. Adrian Keltie (Director Marketing).


Thanks must also go to those whose names have not been mentioned here, without whose help the organising of these Games would be almost impossible. 

Aps Group
Ambulance Vic
Criminal Intellegence Commision
Border Force
Australian Federal Police
Ausgov Agriculture
Volunteer Coastguard
Prison Services
Ausgov Immigration Border Protection
Vic Enviro Land Water
Vic Enviro Land Water
Esta 000
Life Saving Vic
Metro Fire Emergency
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Royal Flying Doctor
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