The following abbreviations are used to signify the eligible agencies competing in these Games:

  • Ambulance Victoria (VIAM)
  • Australian Criminal Intelligence Comm (ACIC)
  • Australian Border Force (AUBF)
  • Australian Federal Police (AUPO)
  • Dept. of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR)
  • Australian Volunteer Coast Guard (AVCG)
  • Corrections Victoria (VICO)
  • Country Fire Authourity (VICF)
  • Dept. of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resouces (DEDJTR)
  • Dept. of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP)
  • Dept. of Immigration (VDIE)
  • Dept. of Justice (Sheriff’s Office) (VISO)
  • Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (VIEC)
  • Metro Fire & Emergency Services Board (VIFI)
  • Life Saving Victoria (VLSV)
  • Parks Victoria (VIPS)
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)
  • St John Ambulance (VISJ)
  • State Emergency Service (VISE)
  • Victoria Police (VIPO)
  • Vic Roads Transport Safety Service (VRSS)
  • WorkSafe Victoria (VIWS)


Aps Group
Ambulance Vic
Criminal Intellegence Commision
Border Force
Australian Federal Police
Ausgov Agriculture
Volunteer Coastguard
Prison Services
Ausgov Immigration Border Protection
Vic Enviro Land Water
Vic Enviro Land Water
Esta 000
Life Saving Vic
Metro Fire Emergency
Parks Vic
Royal Flying Doctor
St John
Sheriffs Office Vic
Victoria Police